ECI-Blog (10 Minutes With Peter Illavsky)

Many of us know Peter Illavsky as a famous musician, singer, and composer from Vienna, who as a child prodigy began making music at the age of five. Fast forward many extraordinary music-creating years, Peter cheerfully finds himself in Belize, on the beautiful island of Ambergris Caye. He is sitting on a serene, white sand beach having a chat with Patrick Hiebert, ECI Development’s COO. Peter remarks, “What’s happening on this island is absolutely amazing.”

So how did Peter make the decision to come to Belize? He tells Patrick that he first met Joel Nagel, Co-Founder of ECI Development some years ago. He taught music lessons to Joel’s daughter while in Vienna. One day while they were all talking, Joel and his wife told Peter about a beautiful Caribbean country called Belize. After talking, they agreed Peter would come to Belize for a week to with local musicians and “help organize something great with them.” He then adds that the music they make in Belize is “beautiful, it’s real, it rocks you.”

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